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Students select a SEM cluster to participate in during the fall semester and a second SEM cluster to participate in during the spring semester.  SEM clusters meet once a week for two periods.  The SEM program gives students the ability to create something while working with teachers in a non-academic arena.  Every SEM program is linked to a charity giving students the opportunity to give back to the community.  

Students choose from the following SEM options:

Master Chef

Do you love to cook?  Do you watch cooking shows on TV?  Do you want to learn how to use a kitchen and to create foods that can be sold to raise money for charity?  This cluster is designed to allow students to learn about the kitchen and basic cooking skills.  You will learn about healthy eating and about following a recipe.  Members of this cluster will volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House.
 Wood Design Team
Are you one of those people that are always fixing things?    Is architecture and working with hand tools something that excites you?  This cluster is designed to teach students how to use hand tools and to create something that will make our school building a better place.  You will learn basic carpentry skills.  Imagine being the only member of your family that knows how to fix something.  Members of this cluster will volunteer for the Brush with Kindness project sites through Habitat for Humanity.  

Dancing with the Stars
Have you ever dreamed of completing on Dancing with the Stars?  This cluster is designed to teach students the art of ballroom, modern and international dance.  Students in this cluster will perform at PTA meetings and civic meetings throughout Brooklyn.  The cluster will be led by Ms. Brayer, a dancer/dance instructor who completed on Dancing with the Stars Season 7.

Robotics Design

Have you ever dreamed of making your own robot?  So far, no such luck?  There have been some amazing advancements in the field of engineering and robotics.  This cluster will use Lego Mindstorms and WeDo robot engineering automated machines like Lego brick vehicles or motorized coffee cans.  This SEM will take a field trip to the Brooklyn Robotics Foundry.  The culminating event is a Robotics expo in the spring.

3D Car Design
Have you ever wanted to design your own race car?  In this cluster you will learn how to use computer design software in conjunction with 3D printing technology to design and print your own race car.  Over the course of the semester we will hold races leading up to the culminating event where we will invite parents and members of the community to join us for the semi-finals and finals races.

Mindful Fitness
Are you stressed?  Would you like to learn techniques to lower your stress levels?  This cluster explores the ability to train the mind to be present in the world, improving both our physical and mental well-being. Mindful Fitness is the act of linking breath to movement, balancing our flow of energy. Combining these practices can greatly improve the quality of our lives in a multitude of ways.  The culminating event will be an interactive meditation demonstration held for parents.  

Fine Arts

Do you love to paint, draw and create artwork?  This cluster is designed to allow students to learn about different art disciplines (drawing, painting, calligraphy, & sculpture).  You will learn the skills for each art discipline and create pieces of art.  This SEM will take a field trip to the Museum of Modern Art.  The culminating event is to create the first ever Roy H. Mann art gallery. 

Jazz Band
Do you love music?  Success in music performance doesn’t only indicate your child’s music talent. It shows a willingness to spend a significant amount of time, energy and effort over a long period of time to reach a high level of performance. Success in musical performance is an indicator of good work habits, persistence and tenaciousness. Our standards are understood and recognized by specialized high school, colleges and university admissions officers.  The culminating event is the winter and spring band concert.  


Ronald McDonald House



On Friday, January 8th, members of the Roy H. Mann Culinary Arts SEM (Schoolwide Enrichment Model) took a trip to the Ronald McDonald House on Long Island.  The students chose to support the Ronald McDonald House as the charity for their SEM.  After arriving at the Ronald McDonald House, the students received a tour of the facility and were given background information about the house by a volunteer, Mr. Tom.

After hearing the story of how the Ronald McDonald House had evolved, the students were very inspired, and immediately rolled up their sleeves and began to bake cookies for the residents of the house.  Led by their teacher, Ms. Katz, and assisted by staff members, Ms. Koon and Ms. D’Aleo, the students baked over 200 cookies.

On their ride home, the students reflected on their experience, and the general feeling was that giving back is “A great and rewarding feeling.” The students also asked if they could go to the Ronald McDonald House again in the Spring, which we will certainly arrange.  It was a day we will all remember.




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