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Roy H. Mann Mathematics Department

The knowledge and use of mathematics is essential in our lives, and therefore, learning mathematics is central to middle school education. Mathematics teaches students to reason logically and helps them develop skills that they can carry into other disciplines and many situations in real life.

Roy H. Mann Math Curriculum is a challenging, coherent and focused program that includes concepts of Algebra and Geometry early enough and with progressively increasing depth so students will be well prepared to access higher levels of mathematics in high school.  Our teachers are well prepared in the content of mathematics and techniques of teaching mathematics.

The math teachers at Roy H. Mann articulate four general goals for all students.              

Students will:

·      Learn to value mathematics.

·      Become confident in their ability to do mathematics.

·      Become mathematical problem solvers.

·      Learn to communicate and reason mathematically.

IS. 78 graduate understands mathematical processes by:

·      Applying number sense, number sense, number relationships, and a variety of computational procedures.

·      Analyzing patterns and functional relationships in order to solve problems and model cause/effect interactions.

·      Applying concepts of randomness and uncertainty to make predictions and decisions based on probabilities.

·      Applying concepts of shape and space to illustrate and describe the physical world, and solve problems involving multidimensional space.

·      Applying data handling and measurement techniques to solve problems and justify conclusions.

We assume that students leave fifth grade with a wide range of mathematical needs, interests, and aptitudes.  For this reason, there are various math programs at the sixth grade level to fit your child’s specific needs.  Some programs are designed to strengthen K – 5 skills while moving ahead into standard sixth grade topics, while others assume that students are prepared to move directly into sixth grade topics and will cover them in considerable depth.  Written communication, oral communication, and problem solving skills are continuous themes in all of our courses.  Standards include:  number sense, relations, fractions, decimals, probability, statistics, geometry, measurement, computation and pre-algebra.

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