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Daily Attendance

We will start our Remote Learning Program through Pupil Path on Monday.  Students will have their attendance taken differently.  Students must log onto Pupil Path by 10:00 am every morning and send an email message through Pupil Path to their Homeroom Teacher that they are present for the day.  To view a video tutorial on have your attendance taken daily               .  As a reminder you must send a message everyday Monday - Friday by 10:00 am to your homeroom teacher in order to be marked present for the day.  

Click            to log into PUPIL PATH

We are using IO Education, which is known by many as Skedula with students and parents logging into PUPIL PATH.  We are also be using Google Classroom, Achieve 3000, I-Ready and other programs to enhance student learning.  Students will use their Pupil Path passwords to complete assignments and see their grades. 

You do not need an access code to register your account.  All you need is your Student Id.  If you do not know your student Id please contact Ms. D'Aleo at DDaleo@schools.nyc.gov and she will provide it for you.  For step by step instructions on how to register your account on a smart phone, computer or tablet 

You can download the Pupil Path App in the Apple App Store and the Google App Store

If you are logging in through a computer please note that

Pupil Path works best with Goggle Chrome 

If you do not remember the password please simply click forgot passwordand follow the directions. 

                  to view Chancellor Carranza's Family Letter - Remote Learning Ahead 3/22/20

              to view a letter to all families from Superintendent Bove

The Learn-at-Home now has a webpage on the family facing site, dedicated to supporting our Multilingual Learners and English Language Learners and their families with remote learning. This page includes educational resources on supporting children’s language development at home as well as resources on obtaining e-books in multiple languages.             for more information.

The New York City Department of Education is committed to making three free meals available daily for all NYC children - Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 1:30 pm at locations across the city.                 to learn more and find a location.

IPad Distribution
To keep students connected and able to participate in remote learning, the DOE is lending 300,000 internet-enabled iPads to students. Priority will be given to students most in need. All devices are granted on a temporary basis and will later need to be returned. There is a limit of one device per student.

Families that want to request a device should                  to fill out the Remote Learning Device Request or call 718-935-5100, and choose          option 5. The DOE will ship a device direct to your home via FedEx.  For information regarding IPad Distribution

For Information regarding free internet access 

The New York Public Library is pleased to offer online tutoring to provide families with homework help, enrichment activities, and remote learning support through our partnership with Brainfuse. This partnership is just one of the many ways the Library is expanding its digital resources to New York City families during our temporary closure to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.                  for more information.

To view an FAQ on the High School Waitlist Process 

              to view a video tutorial on how to submit your work to your teachers in Pupil Path

To view your child's academic progress click on the Pupil Path Link below